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Yin I
Yoga Teacher Training

November 17-19, 2023

Are you ready to take a deep dive to the self, through the self?


Yin yoga is a passive and replenishing style of yoga that holds the keys to deep energetic and somatic release. 


Join Carleena Lara-Bregatta for a weekend long introductory yin training where you'll discover more of how to embody the philosophy of yin in your life, your practice and your teaching.


Through mindful practice, self-inquiry work, community sharing and conscious training you will learn how to effectively & safely teach yin yoga and/or cultivate an at home yin practice on an introductory level. Whether you are a certified yoga teacher or are yin-curious, this training is open to you if you'd like to learn more!

The experiece

Students will train to learn about the functional approach to yin yoga and connect with a heart-felt community that will foster a sense of belonging to dig deep and transform from the inside out. Many graduates have reported that this training has changed their lives for the better, due to the unique design of this program. We learn about yin yoga and how to weave the philosophies into our daily lives – the path of being a yogi – through embodied exercises and self reflections. Trainees receive much more than a yin yoga teacher training, but an unforgettable weekend, surrounded by familiar souls, full of expansive opportunities to reframe your past for an empowered and embodied present and future self.

The offering

  • 20 hours of in-person, hands-on training

  • 200 page yin yoga teacher training manual

  • All yin yoga practices, workshops on the functional approach to yin yoga, personal and soulful exploration of the energetics of trauma release, anatomy, physiology and yogic philosophy

  • Knowledge on how to teach yin yoga to each and every student’s unique anatomy using the philosophy of the Functional Approach to yoga

  • Introductory look at Toaist/5 Element Theory

  • Introductory exploration of Tantrik Yoga Science Philosophy

  • Assigned readings and soul exploration assignments due post-training

  • Unique and transformational emotional release exercises that will initiate students into deeper, shamanic transmutation of old energies and limiting beliefs

  • Practice teaching opportunities with live, nurturing coaching

The cirriculum 

  • Introduction to the Functional Approach to Yin Yoga

    • Intro to Skeletal Anatomy and Skeletal Variation

    • Intro to Fascia and the Emotional Body

    • Intro to Approachable and Accessible Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

  • Spiritual, Emotional and Energetic Exploration of the Root Chakra

    • Embodied Root Chakra Deep Dive

  • Exploration of The Energetic Body from Various Schools of Thought 

    • Tantra, 5 Element Theory, Taoism, Ashtanga

    • Emotional Release Tools for Liberation & Freedom

  • Introduction to 5 Element Theory, Meridian Theory and the Energetics of Emotions

  • Foundational Skills of Yoga Teaching

    • Intro to Techniques, Tools and Strategies of Being an Embodied Yoga Teacher

    • Skill to Teach to Each & Every Student

    • Equity & Social Justice Yoga Teaching Philosophy

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OHMGrown Yoga

1030 Haddon Ave.

Collingswood, NJ 08108


November 17th | 12:00-7:30

November 18th | 12:00-7:30

November 19th | 12:00-6:30



“This training far exceeded my expectations. Carleena is a truly unique teacher and a gift to the yoga community! Her teaching is deeply rooted in embodied knowledge. She teaches from a place of having experienced the curriculum for herself before offering it to her students. She is also incredibly self-aware and created a truly safe container for us all to feel seen, respected, and valued in community. Carleena has the beautiful gift of weaving information together across various schools of thought and merging them cohesively into one main idea. I was able to make so many profound connections through the gift of her offerings. I left this 3-day Yin YTT feeling inspired to teach yoga through a fresh lens, to dig deeper into my own practice, and feeling totally full! Carleena is so special. I am looking forward to the next training :)”

Pre & Post Training Requirements


There are no prerequisites for this training and no yin yoga experience is required. Trainees do not need a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification in order to enroll. Trainees who wish to teach yoga after graduation must have already completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. All are welcome regardless of experience, training, age, abilities/disabilities, illnesses or disorders. This training is all inclusive and requires a strong boundary of no hate speech or discrimination amongst trainees. All trainees will be asked to abide by ethical agreements at the start of training to ensure we co-create a loving and safe container for all people. 


After training students will have required reading assignment from an assigned book and their training manuals & will be asked to submit a reflection on those readings post-training. This counts for the remaining 5 training hours. Graduates will receive a certificate upon completion and are eligible to apply for a 25 Hour Yoga Alliance CEC accreditation if they wish. Note that Yoga Alliance is a separate organization and is an optional step and cost should trainees wish to go that route. Yoga Alliance accreditation is not mandatory in order to complete the training and receive a certificate of completion. There is an optional Level Two program with Carleena should students desire to learn more and deepen their Yin Yoga Teaching Practice at a later time. After registration trainees will be sent a welcome packet on how to prepare for the training and what to bring along with them for the journey.

About Carleena

Carleena Lara-Bregatta is a spiritual coach, embodiment mentor, author and teacher. She inspires awakening souls to return to cyclical living, teaching grounded tools to reclaim their vital energy, find freedom and tap into their divine birthright to create. She weaves together modern neuroscience with ancient wisdom for a holistic approach to shadow work, trauma transmutation, inner alchemy and manifestation. Carleena is a Yoga Alliance certified 800+ hour E-RYT, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist and is a Sacred Sexuality Practitioner. She has trained under many incredible teachers, most notably for yin through Paul Grilley, adapting the functional approach to yin yoga to this training. She has strong cultural appreciation for the roots of Eastern Yoga Science as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, 5 Element Theory and Tantrik Yoga Science. You will receive a foundational & introductory training rooted in strong methodology, self-reflection, energetic & emotional practices & storytelling that will transform your life, your relationships and your teaching. Learn more on her website.

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